Question about Email Routing features

I have set up email routing for my domain. However one feature that I do not see upfront is a way to route email sent to a single address like [email protected] to multiple email addresses like [email protected] and [email protected]. These are features I see on forwardemail and improvemx. Is there a reason for this? Can this be done and I just simply don’t know how to do it? I am fine reverting back to one of those other ones that I mentioned but I really would like to centralize all my services on Cloudflare. I already use CF as a registrar and I may use other features in the future as I explore my options. But it would really be nice if I could forward email sent to a single address to multiple email addresses.

This feature is not available, and I don’t think a public roadmap is available either.

That’s disappointing. It’s one of the reasons I stopped using Google’s email routing. Hopefully CF has a change of heart.

I presume it’s a feature that will arrive eventually. Eventually can be a long time.

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