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I am trying out cloudflare email routing and I was wondering instead of sending emails to a different email address if I could just login with that email on a mailbox like gmail or outlook.

Example I currently have it as

[email protected] forwards/send emails to [email protected]

I want

[email protected] To just send them my mailbox and that is gmail

Isn’t that the same thing? Messages would forward to Gmail.

If you want to skip the forwarding hop, you’d need to set up Google Workspace/G Suite so mail to your domain would go directly to your Gmail account after you’ve configured their service for your domain.

I have a similar question.

I’ve got [email protected] with DNS hosted by Cloudflare and email (single account) hosted by Google Workspace.

I’d like to set up Cloudflare Email Beta for so that [email protected] forwards to [email protected] (still at Google Workspace).

Is there a way to get the MX records to play nice, or not so much?


Absolutely not, use tools inside your mail service

Workspace can do that

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