Hi there,
few day aga, I can’t use my domain name to login to my blog, which is it show me the error code: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.

I google this error code and try to fix it by myself. and then i find out it might be not my problem.

I clean my cloudflare and re-enter a new domain, which show same error code.
I try to add a new CNAME, to alias but it also fail and show me same error domain is not pointed to Cloudflare nameservers.

Moreover, from WHOIS is being recently updated due to renew or?:

Created on 2019-02-09
Expires on 2022-02-09
Updated on 2021-03-17

Kindly re-check your nameservers at your domain registar 1API.

After that, check if you have A or CNAME records added to Cloudflare DNS dashboard.

Have you tried looking here?:


Hi @adolfdongdong
I can see that your nameservers are not yet set.
You will need to contact your registrar and have them update the nameservers for your domain accordingly. Please see How do I change my domain nameservers?

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