Question about Distributing Files & Data (CDN / Load Balancing)

Issue: Want to ensure site set to handle any # of ‘Concurrent’ connections (static & dynamic data always accessible)

Q1: We’re looking to secure the Pro plan but need to see how best to handle ‘file replication’ from the ‘primary’ (master) server to two ‘secondary’ servers using CloudFlare. Can you advise if your CDN handles this by default - solely - based on the (primary) or origin server, alone? Thus, meaning - we don’t really need the, additional, secondary servers once we migrate to CloudFlare ‘Pro’ plan?

Q2: Will CloudFlare’s CDN services, alone, accomplish what we’re wanting to implement - thus, allowing us to remove the ‘current’ (HW) load balancer we have in front of the, multiple, servers, presently?

I’m thinking we only need that one ‘orgin’ - server, right? B/C Cloudflare (CDN) will act as the ‘secondaries’ for all edge connections / sessions (HTTPS request?)


Should we keep all web nodes & create a ‘CloudFlare’ pool - so we then point each ‘web’ node to the CloudFlare VIP so traffic is distributed to each web node - like we’re doing current but (after migration with CloudFlare load balancing)?

Please advise - thx

It’s not really clear exactly what your application is and how it works, but broadly speaking:

  • If your site is static and cacheable, you can likely run with a single server behind Cloudflare. If you find that you need it, you can purchase Argo to enable tiered-caching which will further reduce the # of requests/connections to you origin for cacheable/cached content.

  • If high availability is your desire, that single origin is a point of failure. You can use Cloudflare’s load balancing service to configure a second origin in another server/data centre/provider to give you more resiliency and failover

  • If your content is dynamic - you will still need your origins to be able to handle this traffic. You could consider moving some of the workloads to Cloudflare Workers to further reduce how much computing power you need or eliminate your origin entirely.

In general - if you want to be conservative I would put everything you have today behind Cloudflare and configure a Cloudflare Load Balancer. Over time you can monitor the health of your origins behind that, and decide if you really need so many servers and reduce over time. Cloudflare is easy to configure & reconfigure.

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