Question about Disable Universal SSL

Hello members

I suspect my Cloudflare SSL cert have some issues after removing and adding domain to Cloudflare a few times in the past. I see a few differnent problems. However, no need to get through them all here right now. Would just like to know. Will doing a disable uni ssl and then renabling it to refresh the cert cause much down time or any other issues for accessing my properties via SSL.


It takes a minute or two. Not long at all.


So site will have a moment of not working?

Yes, probably, but not very long if at all.

Okay I see.

Does this not renew from time to time on it’s own? Or it always needs to be done manaully ?

It will normally renew by itself with no downtime at all.

When do these automatic renews happen?

How often?

Whenever necessary. You don’t have to think about it at all.