Question about Disable Universal SSL

Hello members

I suspect my Cloudflare SSL cert have some issues after removing and adding domain to Cloudflare a few times in the past. I see a few differnent problems. However, no need to get through them all here right now. Would just like to know. Will doing a disable uni ssl and then renabling it to refresh the cert cause much down time or any other issues for accessing my properties via SSL.


It takes a minute or two. Not long at all.


So site will have a moment of not working?

Yes, probably, but not very long if at all.

Okay I see.

Does this not renew from time to time on it’s own? Or it always needs to be done manaully ?

It will normally renew by itself with no downtime at all.

When do these automatic renews happen?

How often?

Whenever necessary. You don’t have to think about it at all.

can you people tell? if I am not using a Cloudflare SSL certificate. & using a simple SSL certificate of WordPress plugin so it will affect my website security. This is my website [Austin trim](https:\ can you please check it…

Thank you all for your input. I have resolved this matter,

Answers here gave me a better understanding.


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