Question about Cname flattening and dynamic DNS records

Hello guys,

I’ve got some technical questions regarding the use of Cname flattening for a naked domain and Dynamic DNS setup.

Basically i’ll be launching a new site soon with Cloudflare, i know it works with tools like ddclient that manage to setup the IP automatically based on a set TTL.

The question is, is there no problem by setting up a naked domain with a Dynamic IP record? will it work or are there implications of Cname flattening over a Dynamic IP host?

Based on this information, i’ll decide whether to launch the site as a naked domain “” or just with a standard CNAME record for the www subdomain, aka “”.

Bear in mind the host IP may change once in a while, and it would hurt to have long downtime.

Thanks in advance.

There’s no right or wrong answer here.

Personally, I would suggest that there is no need to use CNAMEs at all, instead, consider just setting the IP directly on the root of the domain and the www record? If in doubt, things can be a bit easier to work with the www label, a CNAME the root to www – This avoids any confusion with other records at the root of the domain.

If you are using an external dynamic DNS provider then you can use Cloudflare’s CNAME flattening if you want, it will periodically refresh the external IP and update the results returned.

Thanks for the fast reply Dave.

Like you said, guess i’ll just go with two A records pointing to the host IP (@ and www), that way there’s no CNAME to the root to prevent issues with other records and i can keep up a naked domain with the correct rules.

Either way if i remember correctly, Cloudflare will update both IPs either via their API or ddclient, so there should be no issue with the IP changing.

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