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Hello everyone. I’m glad you are interested in helping me out by making few things clear to me.
My first question is how many subdomains can Cloudflare’s Dedicated SSL (5$/month) cover? Also, is it possible to apply SSL (https://) on the subdomain that is pointing to another IP address where the website is located, or, easier: “” is pointed to show content from (IP address), can people access it over HTTPS?
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The $5 Dedicated SSL certificate effectively can protect an unlimited number of subdomains (but Cloudflare only allows 3500 subdomains on your zone before you need to ask for a limit increase), but you can’t customize what subdomains or what hostnames it protects. It only protects and * (NOT two-level down subdomains like www.*

Yes. CF does not care what IP it’s accessing or where a server is pointed, but since Dedicated SSL can’t be exported, these subdomains/A records must still be proxied :orange: in the DNS tab. CF SSL will not work for grey clouded DNS records :grey:.


Thank you for your reply!

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