Question about Cloudflare pages


just started to try and use Cloudflare pages and it seems like when i go to my page nothing happens and i am getting errors in Cloudflare but I’m unsure why could anyone help


two things here is the error it is getting stuck at

Building application

here is the log

19:23:23.698	Initializing build environment. This may take up to a few minutes to complete
19:25:46.608	Success: Finished initializing build environment
19:25:46.608	Cloning repository...
19:25:47.779	Success: Finished cloning repository files
19:25:47.942	Installing dependencies
19:25:47.945	Python version set to 2.7
19:25:49.017	v12.18.0 is already installed.
19:25:49.570	Now using node v12.18.0 (npm v6.14.4)
19:25:49.617	Started restoring cached build plugins
19:25:49.621	Finished restoring cached build plugins
19:25:49.751	Attempting ruby version 2.7.1, read from environment
19:25:50.806	Using ruby version 2.7.1
19:25:51.077	Using PHP version 5.6
19:25:51.107	5.2 is already installed.
19:25:51.114	Using Swift version 5.2
19:25:51.114	Installing Hugo 0.54.0
19:25:51.952	Hugo Static Site Generator v0.54.0-B1A82C61A/extended linux/amd64 BuildDate: 2019-02-01T10:04:38Z
19:25:51.954	Started restoring cached go cache
19:25:51.956	Finished restoring cached go cache
19:25:51.981	go version go1.14.4 linux/amd64
19:25:51.985	go version go1.14.4 linux/amd64
19:25:51.987	Installing missing commands
19:25:51.987	Verify run directory
19:25:51.987	Executing user command: next build && next export
19:25:51.988	/opt/build/bin/build: line 39: next: command not found
19:25:51.990	Failed: build command exited with code: 127

Also the page is PHP not python so I’m unsure what it is using


So it seems like it was successful this time but i still have no output from

here is the updated log

19:46:43.034	Initializing build environment. This may take up to a few minutes to complete
19:49:30.829	Success: Finished initializing build environment
19:49:30.829	Cloning repository...
19:49:31.923	Success: Finished cloning repository files
19:49:32.022	No build command specified. Skipping build step.
19:49:32.023	Note: No functions dir at /functions found. Skipping.
19:49:32.023	Validating asset output directory
19:49:32.365	Deploying your site to Cloudflare's global network...
19:49:35.731	Success: Your site was deployed!```

This means it requires a running server and it’s not generating static files, correct?

im unsure i assumed that i would be able to use PHP sites on Cloudflare pages as it states i can

PHP can run, but it will not run forever, it’s a build step. It runs, you create the final HTML, CSS, JS, etc. files which get deployed. You have no build command, so this will never work.

so what do i need to add for it to work i have the css ready and index.php ready

You need to make the build create HTML files. You cannot serve .php files, they need to be rendered out during build. What you need to put there is something you need to figure out depending on your project.

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I haven’t jumped into PHP here since I found out that Workers supports PHP 5.6, but would that involve Wrangler instead of Pages?

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