Question about Cloudflare Email

I just want to know where I can check my Email Inbox from.

Does Cloudflare provide an email inbox similar to Rackspace, Outlook, etc.? Or do I have to rely on the forwarding and check my emails from the inbox of the email Cloudflare is forwarding my emails to?

What if the forwarding doesn’t work properly? Need more info, please.

Cloudflare Email Routing (beta) is strictly an email forwarding service. The inbox is with whatever account you forwarded it to.

It is limited to receiving email. You will need your own relay service for any email you wish to send.

It’s the 2020s, which means forwarding doesn’t work properly. As SPF, DKIM and DMARC adoption have spread, the efficacy of forwarding diminished past the point of usability long before Cloudflare introduced its Email Routing (beta). There is still an extremely limited scope of use where email forwarding makes sense, but most of the posts in the Community on the topic fall well outside ideal conditions.

Forwarding a business domain email alias to an inbox with another provider is certainly preferable to using [email protected]. Unfortunately, configuring outbound email relay with the business domain brings its own set of challenges. Assuming the user can get the relay authorized, the next hurdle is the inevitable authentication failures or limitations.

With bare bones business mailboxes from the major providers running less than the pricing of a Cloudflare Pro subscription, I view the Email Routing (beta) as suitable only for the technically inclined hobbyist, a quick and dirty proof of concept, or the most dedicated of skinflints.

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