Question about Cloudflare apps

we are building stand-alone apps that can be installed on any website. I am not a developer. Before I propose this a wanted learn the impact it will have on our development with no Cloudflare experience.
If the app exists how difficult or how much work will it take to make it ready for Cloudflare apps?

Cloudflare Apps is unfortunately pretty much unmaintained and broken in some parts as it stands today. It’s something Cloudflare introduced a very long time ago, but many of the apps simply do not work today as they’re not something directly maintained by Cloudflare. I don’t believe it was ever officially deprecated, but you can pretty much treat it as such. And I would not recommend investing much time in making Apps at this time.

Too bad, but I didn’t expect apps to be maintained by Cloudflare. If developers doesn’t get enough buyers the apps get abandoned. I can see the drawback using Cloudflare apps and that’s because we are running a few without Cloudflare with no issues. Maybe there isn’t much demand for what Cloudflare has for apps and no one is even trying to create the market for the types of apps. Too bad. The way we see it the market is huge.

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