Question about Cloudflare Apps in China CDN

We have been using China CDN from Cloudflare (Enterprise) and JD Cloud for a few days now.
Now I wanted to embed a Baidu tracking code on our Chinese web pages using the Cloudflare HTML App.
If I include the code in our European or American pages (uses a .com domain and is not routed via China CDN) it works fine.
Only for our .cn domain which is routed via JD Cloud (Cloudflare China CDN) it does not work.
Are the Cloudflare Apps or Cloudflare Zara currently not available for China CDN? Has anyone had any experience with this?
Are the services for China CDN still being expanded?
Does Cloudflare offer another possibility to include such a code on certain pages? Do the workers work in the China CDN?

Maybe someone has also made experience with it and can answer my questions.

Update 2022-06-15:

Hello Community,

in the meantime I was able to find an overview of the services available in the China CDN in the depths of the Cloudflare documentation:
Since the Cloudflare apps are not listed there, I assume that this feature is currently not (yet) supported.
But since the workers are already supported, I was able to solve the problem with the help of a worker.

Maybe this information helps someone with the same problem.