Question about CloudFlare API

Hello, does anyone know how through the APi:

  1. Get the number of requests per domain in 1 hour (or any other time)
  2. How to enable/disable firewall filter also through API request

For all API based questions I would recommend you reading the API-Docs.

As this is no technical problem or question, but a request for a finished solution, you will most probably not get a solution served here. But more likely a direction to the solution :slight_smile:

On the API-Documentation, just type “firewall” in the searchbox (left top) and all firewall related things will show up


Looked at these tutorials, but also did not find what I was looking for

Mostly you also find (in the Dashboard) shortcuts to the API. Let me show you:

If you are talking about something else, please make sure we know what exactly you want to change. Maybe with a Screenshot of the part of the Dashboard you want to access/get through API

This seems to be related to the Analiticy part. I have never used the API to get these infos, but this should help you:

Just select the right Data Set (table) (httpRequests1hGroups, I think is the right one for you)

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I mean not WAF, but just firewall rules
And there is no API button

Thanks, I’ll try tomorrow