Question about cloudflare accounts

I have a partner account at and I realized that I also have another account at with the same login information.
Here are my questions:
1- Can we link the second account to the partner account? If yes, how ?
2- I would like all my users to have access to cloudflare, do you have an idea for me?
3- Finally to finish I would like to have the WHMCS plugin for cloudflare but I have the impression that it is no longer free and the one that is on this link: does not seem to download from me do you have an idea ?
Thanking you in advance

Hi @service5, I do not believe there is sso between the partner portal and the dashboard login but I will ask the partner team to verify this. What do you envision when you reference link?

You can add other people to your account, depending upon plan level you have options to assign them specific roles. But, I am not sure that is what you are asking about, what exactly are you looking to accomplish/want everyone to have access to?

What is the download link that is causing an issue?

Thank you for your reply.
Here is what I wish;
1- Have a single partner account to manage all my users
2- Obtain the WHMCS plugin to facilitate my users in their use of cloudflare.
Although cloudflare is installed on all cPanel accounts, most of my users are a bit lazy that’s why I want to install the plugin.

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Hi @cloonan
Here is the link that does not work and shows a 404 error
via FTP
Download the following ZIP file to your computer:
via SSH
$wget -N

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