Question about changing domain nameserver

Hi, i just got onto Cloudflare. I have my domain registered with godady but hosted off of godady. If I change my domain nameservers to the ones provided by Cloudflare, will my site still be pointig to my hosting account? Confused about how this will work. Wouldn’t changing the NS mean my site is no longer pointing to my hosting account?

Yes. Cloudflare’s name servers will give your visitors a protected IP address to reach your site through. From there, Cloudflare will proxy their requests to your hosting account.

Hey thanks for the reply. If I am understanding correctly, I would change the name ns on godady and then add my hosts ns to Cloudflare ? Where would I input my hosts ns so Cloudflare can connect to it? Im not seeing that.

For the hosts you wold create A records or CNAME records which map the DNS name you want to use (e.g. www to the origin server).

Then if the record is :orange: it will be proxied through Cloudflare, it if si :grey: it would go directly to the origin.

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