Question About Changing Cloudflare Accounts

So my situation is a little bit unique…

I have a website on Kajabi which sells guides for a video game. I am trying to put google adsense on my website. Now I can put adsense on my website but basically I need to upload an ads.txt file to the root directory of domain to get proper revenue from adsense.

Now as my website is hosted with kajabi’s systems (which used Cloudflare), they do not let me access anything on cloudflares end. So I dont have a c panel or anything to upload this ads.txt file to my root directory. It’s basically not possible as I have found out.

I was wondering if I transferred my domain to another Cloudflare account and then added the ads.txt file using quick and then put it back on kajabi’s systems, if this would work? Or can I create a URL redirect while my domain is on a separate Cloudflare account and then transfer it back to Kajabi’s systems? Basically will either of these things stay the same through the transfer? Or will they disappear?

Thanks for any help or guidance. If anyone can help with the ads.txt issue in any other manner that would also be helpful.

Changing hosting, adding the ads.txt file, and then changing back won’t work, as your ads.txt will go again when you change back. Probably best to use a reverse proxy or something like that so you can have an ads.txt file even if you cannot add to the actual website hosting.