Question about billing

I had a question about the Teams billing with Gateway.

If you subscribe to Gateway by itself it says you get everything in free+ Gateway for $5/user/month. The Free tier includes free Zero Trust Access for 50 users.

So if I sign up for Gateway do I get free Access for 50 users and then gateway support for the users I indicate?

The reason I’m asking is because I have less than 50 people who need Access a month (40), but only about 10 laptops that would benefit from the L7 Firewall from gateway.

If I pay for Gateway for 10 users do I lose the free Access for remaining 40?

My post was flagged as spam for some reason, but it’s a legitimate question.

There’s not much to elaborate on.

I have 40 employees and 10 work laptops.

I want to buy a gateway license for 10 people but I still want to be able to have 40 people use Cloudflare Access.

Since Gateway says it come with everything in free and free comes with access seats for 50 do I get the Gateway seats for 10 and the access seats for 50?