Question about adding subdomain

I have a subdomain that I want to add. I am adding the subdomain A record but when I visit the subdomain it shows a hosting error. Contacted hosting and they said to add www.subdomain as well which I see causes an error on Cloudflare saying I need to upgrade my plan.

Will upgrading 100% fix my error or am I doing something wrong?

www.subdomain would be a second level subdomain. Cloudflare’s Universal SSL certificate only covers and one level of subdomain *

For a second-level subdomain, you would need to use Cloudflare’s Advanced Certificate which does have a cost…

That said, it’s seems an odd requirement from your host to use www.subdomain “as well” (and even if they provision a certificate for it, you are not required to use it assuming the certificate covers or *

Who is the host?

Thank you for your input.

I host with DreamHost.

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