Question about a scamming website

Dear Cloudfare-community,
today I got a random person adding me on Steam. He told me that he is a mod on the website “”. “Rustpow” is a website where you can gamble with skins from the game “Rust”.
He said that if I would write his website on my Steam profile or in my Steam name I would get paid on his site. Further on I asked him how he would pay me, so he answered “You go on my website, put 10$ inside the jackpot and I will let you win that Jackpot”. As I thought about it it was pretty obvious to me that this website is scamming peoples Rust inventories. “Trustpilot” also has some reviews written about this webpage and there isn’t a single person not telling that they got scammed.
I decided to dive deeper into it to maybe save some people from getting scammed and losing money. Besides a lot of other information about this page I found out that “cloudflare” is hosting this website, which at the end brought me here.

Long story short, I would like to ask the moderators and admins if there is any possible way to shutdown this page to prevent it from growing bigger and bigger, stealing more and more money from their victims. I already reported this website to the Steam support.

Kind regards


Please can you submit an abuse report here :slight_smile: Cloudflare Abuse Form | Cloudflare

This form is not supposed to be used for abuse complaints/reports, if you have reason to believe they are engaging in illegal activities then you may report it by visiting Cloudflare Abuse Form | Cloudflare

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