[Question](04-11-19) - Cloudflare Showing activated under a different account

Hello Everyone,

Thank you Team CLOUDFLARE for providing a free account to users and supporting us.

We are facing an issue -

A client has just migrated his cPanel hosting to our company, now they has a Cloudflare account with the previous company, he does not know the login details for the previous account.

We tried to activate from our side and it is showing an error as below

We need to activate his Cloudflare account under our’s

Best Wishes,
Lily M.

Hi Lily,

I presume the best course of action here would be to try and contact support. I presume that you are partners with Cloudflare, contact them through that route.

The only other alternative would be for the customer to activate Cloudflare by itself using the standard procedure and opening an account, changing NS at the registrar level to the ones provided in his own Cloudflare account. After waiting a bit that would probably purge the other activation allowing the activation on your side if at all still necessary.

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