Querystring argument to bypass HTML cache

I am new to Cloudflare but enjoying it very much, thank you!

All my pages are basically HTML. I made a Page Rule to cache all.
I do update small typos often.
Is there a Querystring argument i can add to my HTML pages to bypass the cache and see my HTML pages?

thank you

You can go to the Caching tab on the Cloudflare dashboard for your domain, click Custom Purge, and ask for specific pages to be purged from the cache.

Does that work for you?

Unless you are on an Enterprise plan where you’ve got a custom cache key to remove the query string (or are doing similar using Workers and the cache API) then Cloudflare is caching HTML including the query string as part of the caching parameters. So any net new query string you use should bypass the cache.

For that single request… if s/he doesn’t put that query string in all his/her links (and then the same for those pages, up in the hierarchy until his/her /) - then no one will see the changes… and even if s/he does that… search engines will still show the old (still valid) URLs in the SERPs (and may prefer them as the canonical version). So I think there’s no other choice but to purge the cache…

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