Query Regarding ZTNA License Upgrade

Hi Cloudflare Support,

We are currently testing the ZTNA free license and are interested in transitioning to the pay-as-you-go plan. I have a few queries:

Regarding user count selection, the link (https://www.cloudflare.com/en-gb/plans/zero-trust-services/) mentions unlimited users. Could you clarify what user count we should enter?

After entering the user count, the system prompts to proceed to payment. Will we be charged on the day of signup or on our regular billing date?

Suppose our monthly billing date is the 13th of each month. If we add 5 users on the 12th, will the license cost for those 5 users be prorated, or will we be charged for the entire month?

Your clarification on these points would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @naresh1,

You will be charged immediately.

Each (different) product subscription will be charged and calculated based from the day of sign up.

Please note, if you sign up for 5 users of the ZT product, you will only get 5 user seats.
It does not include the part of 50 Free user seats.

Thank you.