Query regarding new feature APO

Hi there,

I got to know about the new APO feature today. And I’ve a few queries related to it;

  1. The CF blog post mentions:

“This means that for most requests your customers won’t even need to go to your origin, reducing many costly round trips and server processing time.”

My question - Would this adversely affect my site’s stats (Google Analytics) in any way? Would it reduce the visitors and/or pageviews count? Or lessen the time on site and increase the bounce rates?

  1. The CF blog post also mentions:

“By caching dynamic content, we can serve the entire website from our edge network.”

My question - How is APO different from a “Push” CDN? Doesn’t a push CDN do the same thing?

I look forward to all expert opinions and suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. GA is run at the browser and is not affected by page caching.
  2. Cloudflare is not, and has never been, a Push CDN. APO is just a smart way to “Cache Everything” for HTML, as Cloudflare does not cache HTML by default.

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