Query on Cloudflare Usage


I am trying to understand why my company is using Cloudflare for one it’s domains, it is an unpaid account and I see no traffic going through it at all? Our name servers are set to Cloudflare, and our DNS records are being managed by Cloudflare and not our normal DNS provider. Can anyone assist/explain please, or is there a way to contact actual Cloudflare support please?



What’s the domain?


That domain is only using the DNS service but not the proxy service, which is the reason the dashboard does not show any traffic as everything goes straight to your server.

You’d need to proxy the DNS records to have traffic go through the proxies.

Ok thank you - what benefits do I get from the DNS service if you don’t mind me asking?

Just DNS record hosting?

Essentially yes, you are using the DNS infrastructure of Cloudflare but that’s not that different from any other DNS setup.

Thank you so much for answering - that’s very useful. Cheers

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