Query logs for a zone

Can we see logs of DNS queries for a zone hosted in CloudFlare?

For DNS analytics - yes.
For DNS logs - no.

Hi @erictung, thanks for the quick response. Can you elaborate on that? By yes, what can we don in DNS analytics? I’m looking for logs of query so that I can monitor if a record has gone missing?

Depends on your plan - free plans only shows you number of DNS queries in a graph, and you can only view for the past 6 hours.

Pro plan users can view DNS queries up to 24 hours, and you can see which Cloudflare Data Center has responded to the DNS queries.

Business plan users are basically the same as Pro plan, with the ability to view analytics up to 7 days.

For Enterprise plan, detailed information such as Top queried DNS records will be included, with the ability to view analytics up to a month.

Thanks. They aren’t what I’m after. I wanted to see the names that got queried, like access logs of a HTTP server. Those stats just tells me that I have issues but I don’t know which issues they are.

Yup, already addressed in my first reply:

Maybe you can do log Analytic events and start tracking on your internal DNS resolver : DNS Logging and Diagnostics | Microsoft Docs

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