Query ListFirewallEvents not all actions display results as oppose to the dashboard

Is anybody having the same issue?
When using the API “query ListFirewallEvents” not all actions display results as oppose to the dashboard. One example is Managed Challenge. We see events in the dashboard but the API query does not display them. Have then been implemented to the API yet?

We found out there’s an error in the API reference documentation. It’s actually “managed_challenge” instead of managedchallenge.

The code of the first-class action the Cloudflare Firewall took on this request.
Possible actions are unknown allow block challenge jschallenge log connectionclose challengesolved challengefailed challengebypassed jschallengesolved jschallengefailed jschallengebypassed bypass managedchallenge managedchallengeskipped managedchallengenoninteractivesolved managedchallengeinteractivesolved managedchallengebypassed