Query about Email Forwarding for Domain Transfer

My website theclearevidence.org is currently hosted at stablehost with namecheap as the registrar and cloudflare as the NAMESERVERS DNS. I use email services provided by stablehost and do not use namecheap’s email service. I want to transfer my domain from namecheap to cloudflare. I read the following on Cloudflare:

" Email Forwarding
Cloudflare Registrar does not support email forwarding. To avoid disrupting email delivery, use a third-party forwarding service and update your Cloudflare DNS settings to include the corresponding MX record."

I would like to know if domain transfer will affect my email or it should be working fine as it’s provided by my hosting company?

Settings at my Namecheap account:

“You can create redirects via your DNS provider or your Namecheap account. To perform this function from your account, you must first change your nameservers to Namecheap default.”

CloudFlare does not provide built-in email forwarding like Namecheap does. However, you already use third-party email hosting, so it will work regardless of where your domain is registered, as long as your DNS configuration is correct.

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