Queries before integrating cloudflare services with our system

Our questions

  1. Can we use our SSL in Free Plan (*.Domainname.com)
  2. Apart from 100 MB single file upload - any other restriction for images or files in Free plan (like no of images / files or total size of data
  3. No of subdomain cap in free plan
  4. Same source folder for content for different sub domain - would that work for CDN
  5. Any cap on no of users who can use our services on free plan
  6. Any cap on upload or download in free plan
  7. Sub domain - by adding A record we will able to use CDN services for our sub domain site
  1. Our main Site / Domain - www.wovvtech.com (wordpress)
  2. Our sub domain - Oken.wovvtech.com (Mobile application + Web portal)
    Mobile application fetches data from backend via API’s
  3. xm.wovvtech.com - Experience and audit management tool

Now both sub domain (2 & 3) point - data stored in same folder but Mobile and Web App consume this via different API

Free SSL covers *.example.com but you would need to purchase ACM to get *.*.example.com covered.


Free zones have a maximum of 1000 DNS record

Not sure what you mean by this. You can have stuff like CNAMES to serve content via different domains from the same origin if that is what you are looking for.

No cap.

No limit

Yes as long as the DNS record is proxied (:orange: )

All should work


→ We need to identify if we will provide IMAGES or files in the same Main source Folder (CDN image Source folder) (domain/subfolder-folder wise), so can we able to fetch those same files from CDN image server domain-wise? if yes then how, what will be the workflow?

There is no such thing, at least not on the free plan.

The images are stored on your own server. If you want to store images on Cloudflare’s servers, that is something you need to pay for.

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We have our own SSL , can we share it with Cloudflare team,
will we able to configure this or we need to buy new SSL from cloudflare,

You need to be the on business plan in order to be able to upload your own certificate. It would be cheaper to purchase ACM, that you only need certificates.

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