QoW- Win a Free Cloudflare Hoodie - What is SSL?

Want to win a free Cloudflare Hoodie and other great Cloudflare SWAG? Answer the question below for a chance to win!

Create a short 1-6 min video explaining explaining what SSL is and the difference between the various encryption modes available on the Cloudflare dashboard. Then show users how to set up SSL with Cloudflare. Post the video on Youtube as unrestricted, and make the title. What is SSL and how do I set it up with Cloudflare?

Make the description:
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After posting share a link to your video to this post so we can see your submission.

The Top 5 Videos will receive a limited edition Cloudflare water bottle, and the most viewed video will also receive a limited edition Cloudflare Hoodie! Winners will be announce 3 weeks from the date of this post to give time for videos to gain traction.

Prizes for the SSL Challenge


I spent the entire afternoon on this but I’m pretty happy how it turned out :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @albert this is an awesome explanation - that must have taken a while!

Would you be up for making a post in #tutorial with that embedded? I’d love to link to it in the main SSL troubleshooting tutorials but want to make sure you get the credit for it.


I’m glad you like it! It definitely took a while but was well worth it. Hopefully this will convince a few people to spend the extra time properly configuring SSL :wink:

I think I’d rather it be included in the main tutorial as that has already been linked all over the place - that would mean more people discover the video, right?

And people, like you, saying they like the video is far better than any number of likes! :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s definitely a great goal and hopefully it will.

Sure, very happy to do that - yeah it is probably more likely to be seen directly embedded in there.

Feedback is always better than so called internet points :smile:


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Is this still open?

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Yes, it’s open for around two more weeks :slightly_smiling_face:

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How many Gifts will be given like for how many members ?

It’s all mentioned in the original post :slightly_smiling_face:


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First time doing something like this. My voiceovers could use some work and the visuals should be more dynamic but as a first, it’s somewhat decent :slight_smile:


I need some help on this, Do I have to show my face or myself also? and can we describe in the audio form of video which will not show any motion but explain all?

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You don’t need to film yourself speaking or do a screen capture. However, as this is a video, there should be some kind of visuals. But relevant static images and illustrations that support what you’re talking about will go a long way!

Feel free to watch my video to get an idea of how something like this can look. But please note that there is no “correct answer” here, and my video is just one way of doing it. I would love to see something in a completely different style - just be creative with your video! :slightly_smiling_face:


As @albert said that’s not needed , But it would be cool :sunglasses: if you record your face explaining and adding visuals will be Awesome

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Not at all.

Less than ideal, seeing the actions on screen helps folks to repeat your actions. Our big hope on content shared here is that we all “show our work” such that other folks that find our posts can use them to replicate their actions.

This is part of a larger push we have going on atm about category experts

Category experts create templated replies that can be easily followed by the next person through

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure the person that receives a reply like, “don’t proxy the email record” or “select full strict for ssl” appreciates getting a reply, but that’s like telling someone the time when what they asked is how clocks work. The time means very little, the understanding is what they asked for assistance on.


Hi, I want to participate. But I guess it’s too late? If I can, then how much time I’ve got?

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Hi @asif.sabaseo ,

Happy to see you asking the question , As per the Original post it states 3 weeks exactly today , The winners aren’t announce still now , So I guess today is the last !

Make it Quick , Good Luck !

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Closing this one out. Our 1st prize winner is @albert with 120+ views on his tutorial and our second place winner is @zegevlier with 35+ views on his YouTube video so far. Thank you both for the great explanations! Check your inbox for instructions on how to get your prizes.