QoW- Win a Free Cloudflare Hoodie and a custom Cloudflare Charger - What is DNS?

Want to win a free Cloudflare Hoodie and other great Cloudflare SWAG? Answer the question below for a chance to win!

Create a short 1-6 min video explaining the Cloudflare dashboard DNS app. Then show users how to set up DNS with Cloudflare. Post the video on Youtube as unrestricted and make the title: What is DNS and how do I set it up with Cloudflare?

Make the description:
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After posting share a link to your video to this post so we can see your submission.

The Top 5 Videos will receive a limited edition Custom Cloudflare Charger , and the most viewed video will also receive a limited edition Cloudflare Hoodie! Winners will be announce 3 weeks from the date of this post to give time for videos to gain traction.

Prizes for the DNS Challenge

Cloudflare Custom Wireless Charger


Is the title of the video strict or just loosely “What is DNS and how do I set it up with Cloudflare”?

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I don’t think anyone would mind if you call the video “How to set up Cloudflare DNS”. The important part is the content and how you present it.

Perhaps @ashaheen can confirm or correct me?


Yes, I agree @albert

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As long as it’s relevant to the content it’s fine with me :+1:

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Yeah, initially I thought that the video might be geared towards “what is authoritative DNS”, because a video titled “What is DNS” is more likely to be assumed as DNS resolution for most people.

To clear things up. We are looking for videos that briefly explain what DNS is and how you can set up Cloudflare DNS.


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My video link : What is DNS and how do I set it up with Cloudflare? - YouTube

Thank you.


I made one! I think it turned out better than my previous one, and I actually used editing software this time.


Pretty damn good. I love the protocol re-imagined as a conversation between the computers.


Hello, when will the winners be announced?

As said three weeks from the date of the post which was 29 march

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