Q: I get SO much website spam and traffic from bad sources....what steps do I take to stop it


I’m stuck. I get about 10 spam emails daily from my “contact form”. I have recaptcha but I still get spam.

Additional (VERY CONCERNING TO ME), is the amount of traffic I get on my site. I have a very small business that will have over 2,000 hits a day. Traffic is coming from all over (US and international).

How do I stop this? I feel like my URL is tainted/blacklisted. I’m so close to getting a new URL and retiring my current one.

I was told to add a DMARC however I don’t know how to do that. I found where to generate one but I don’t know how to properly feel out the form.

Any suggestions moving forward?

It sounds like you have several semi-related concerns:

  1. Unwanted contact form spam. Cloudflare isn’t the fix-all on this, but I have a Firewall Rule in place that does a good job of stopping it. Though if ReCaptcha doesn’t stop it, then you’ve got some rather determined spammers that Cloudflare most likely won’t stop.

  2. Unwanted traffic. Without seeing your server log, it’s hard to tell what the problem is, and you haven’t said what traffic you do want. If it’s US-Only, then another Firewall rule to matching incoming request from Country NOT U.S., then Block.

  3. DMARC. That’s just for outbound mail so it passes spam tests. dmarcian.com is where I go to test my setup.

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