Q. Cloudflare about user accounts ~?

hellow~ :slight_smile:

I am wondering how the following is currently applied in Cloudflare
and wondering about the items below.

  1. What is the password encryption algorithm?
    Example :slight_smile:
    γ…‡ SHA-256

  2. Is there a login error lock function?
    Example :slight_smile:
    γ…‡ Locked: 5 errors
    γ…‡ Release: Allowed after 30 minutes

  3. Can I set a password expiration period?
    Example :slight_smile:
    γ…‡ Locked: 3 errors
    γ…‡ Disable: Unlock login after system SSH connection
    γ…‡ Expiration period: 90 days

  • Force change at the expiration of the period
  1. Is there session timeout function?
    Example :slight_smile:
    γ…‡ 10 minutes

  2. Where can I find time synchronization?
    Example :slight_smile:
    γ…‡ Internal NTP server


Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

Cloudflare is not a host. You cant connect via SSH and there’s no place to add or use NTP servers. Because you asked about that, i assume that the other questions are also not related to Cloudflare?

Though i’ve never hit any limits on the Cloudflare dashboard. Expiration cant be set. If you need to enforce password policies, you could use the API, build your own tool around it and protect it with Active Directory accounts + SAML, LDAP or whatever.

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