Python SDK - Add a rule to an existing ruleset

Hello all, i’m trying to create a new rule in the default/phase ruleset using Python SDK but i’m struggling to understand what should i pass to this function.

This is my code snippet, where the zone_id is the id of the zone where the ruleset is, the ruleset_id represents the id of the ruleset i want to add a rule on and data is the json payload.

params = {'zone_id': zone_id, 'ruleset_id': ruleset_id}, data=data)

The error i get is

Cloudflare.exceptions.CloudFlareAPIError: You must specify first identifier

Indeed, from the class method signature i see

def post(self, identifier1=None, identifier2=None, identifier3=None, identifier4=None, params=None, data=None, files=None):

but i really can’t understand what the identifiers params represents.

Can you please help me on how exactly call this method to properly add a rule to an existing ruleset? Thanks!