PWA application behind Cloudflare Access

I have a PWA angular application protected with Cloudflare Access.
The current setup expires the Cloudflare user session each day. But since its a PWA, there are a few issues, when the PWA worker tries to check a new version on the origin server and the user’s session is expired, the request gets redirected to the Cloudflare login page and gets blocked by the CORS policy and that’s it we are stuck, no way to update the app. All the requests to the origin are blocked.
Also to get it working, the user needs to hard refresh the page, so the advantages of the PWA are gone.

The app is served from googles servers.

Is there a way to deal with it?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hey @niaronir!

I’m facing the same issue. Were you able to solve it?

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Unfortunately, its still the issue, the users are bothered with hardrefresh each time the token expires(

Have you found any solution for this?