Put a HTTP Proxy server behind Cloudflare on free plan

Is it against Cloudflare’s free plan policy to Put an HTTP Proxy server behind Cloudflare? In this case, very huge traffic may go through to Cloudflare from many users (not a limited number of users). Would you let me know if is it allowed or not?

Whether there’s an HTTP proxy behind Cloudflare doesn’t really matter.
According to TOS 2.8:

2.8 Limitation on Serving Non-HTML Content
The Services are offered primarily as a platform to cache and serve web pages and websites. Unless explicitly included as part of a Paid Service purchased by you, you agree to use the Services solely for the purpose of (i) serving web pages as viewed through a web browser or other functionally equivalent applications, including rendering Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) or other functional equivalents, and (ii) serving web APIs subject to the restrictions set forth in this Section 2.8. Use of the Services for serving video or a disproportionate percentage of pictures, audio files, or other non-HTML content is prohibited, unless purchased separately as part of a Paid Service or expressly allowed under our Supplemental Terms for a specific Service. If we determine you have breached this Section 2.8, we may immediately suspend or restrict your use of the Services, or limit End User access to certain of your resources through the Services.

Depending on what type of traffic that you are going to serve - if it’s just normal website with some amount of pictures and videos then it’s still ok and very likely you won’t violate the terms of service. However, if you are trying to use Cloudflare to serve a very large amount of non-HTML contents such as images, videos and documents, then you are very likely triggering the terms of service violation.

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