Pushing to Pages only deploys to hash subdomain

I push my website changes to ‘main’ (default branch) in projectx.
But cloudfare only deploys it to hash.projectx.pages.dev instead of projectx.pages.dev

which is different from documentation:

For example, if you have a repository called user-example connected to Pages, this will give you a user-example.pages.dev subdomain. If main is your default branch, then any commits to the main branch will update your user-example.pages.dev content, as well as any custom domains attached to the project.

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What do the deployments look like in the dashboard? It sounds like main isn’t actually the default branch for that project if they’re only going to previews.

If you didn’t specify anything else during project creation, it’s likely production.

Hmm DNS got stuck for domain without hash.
Flushing solved it.
Thanks anyway!