Pushbullet Windows client doesn't work with WARP enabled

Hey all, for about 2 or 3 weeks the Pushbullet client can’t connect if WARP is enabled. Changing WARP to DoH or DoT doesn’t work either. The Pushbullet website works just fine, Chrome extension also works just fine. Reinstalling both 1. client and the Pushbullet client didn’t help. Latest 1. beta version doesn’t help either. I have created a support ticket 2 weeks ago, but no response or updates were released.
Tried checking what IP addresses Pushbullet can’t connect to, and it turns out all of them are IPv6, after adding 2 subnets to exceptions (2606:4700:20::/48 and 2a00:1450:4010::/48), the app launches and works, but it’s very slow, even with WARP+.
Any other workaround that might work?

Welp. Turning on a proxy service and setting Windows to use it made Pushbullet work properly.