Purging of Cache

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This is my website https://gyanapp.in/.

When I manually purge a link it takes more than 70-80 mins to reflect for some specific cases(especially images). Can anyone help me in purging the cache in a faster way.

Any tips/help would be highly appreciated.



Could it be some cache on your end?

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Cloudflare cache purges will typically remove an asset in under 30 seconds globally. Can you try doing the following? Curl an unused or rarely accessed static asset on your site, confirm it is a cf-cache-status of HIT.

curl -I https://www.yoursite.com/something.jpg

Replace the image with a new one of the same name Purge the asset from cache, wait 1 minute and then run the same command again from above and note the cf-cache-status it should now be miss. Run it again and you should see a cache status of hit again. Visit the same URL in your browser, is the new image displayed or the old one?


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Also note that there is a browser TTL that is set as well. Assets with the same name won’t refresh unless you either clear the browser cache or do a shift-refresh on the page to get a new version of a cached asset while the browser TTL is still valid.

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I also tried opening the link in incognito mode, but it was showing the old image only for 60-70 mins.

By “on your end” I meant on your server.


Here are my nginx config related to caching

            gzip_static on;
            expires max;
            add_header Cache-Control public;

Is there something wrong in this ?


Thanks, will make changes and test accordingly.


Did the above the this image, could not capture the miss event after one minute.


Almost going through the similar issue, but with my assets file(mainly css files). Plz do let me know if you are able to fix it.

Sure, I think it has mostly got to do with the right nginx config, will update.

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