Purging cache and trouble shooting

Hi Folks

I’m new to this community so thanks for any advice in advance.

I have a site using a woocommerce booking calendar which fails to load properly on mobile. If I purge the cloudflare cache it solves the issue temporarily. I have disabled the wp rocket caching plugin on the wordpress site that I thought was causing the issue but the problem re- appears after a day or so on the site.

If anyone has any guidance as to about how or where I should start to tackle this issue.


Without the domain name, we can’t offer much assistance. Does your site use APO from the Cloudflare plugin?

Hi Sdayman

Yes here is the url https://spoonerscleaning.ie/

Thanks for your input

Yes the site has APO activated.

I couldn’t find a Calendar page, but I did notice some odd behavior, such as on the About page. Sometimes it was very plain, like CSS wasn’t loading. Now that I have Dev Tools open, it’s loading fine. I realize it also happened when I first loaded your site. Plain front page.

Ah, I was able to pop open Dev Tools right when I opened the site:

Thanks… Yes the vcalendar pages are all under the “Residential Cleaning Tab” , here is one of them https://spoonerscleaning.ie/product/roof-cleaning-package/

I’m seeing a 403 Forbidden message. Seeing how it looks like it has a security key in the URL for that calendar request, and the page itself is cached, it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the reason (cached page is using an invalid security key).

HI thanks again my friend. So do you think maybe to delete the current htaccess file and generate a new one or what/where do you think is the specific issue causing the 403 error?

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