Purging api cache via custom purge url - page still cached if call api from the website

I have the page rule for my api:
Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: 2 hours

I deployed the index.html page with javascript code to Cloudflare page, here is how I call api inside html page:


async function getText() {
  let myObject = await fetch("https://api.mysite.com/fixture/39202201",);
  let myText = await myObject.text();
  document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = myText;

Caching works fine. Next, I go to Custom Purge and paste the url https://api.mysite.com/fixture/39202201 to clear the cache. And here is where the problem occurs, if I empty cache and hard reload https://mysite.com/index.html page, it still returns me cached result but if I call api from postman, it returns me new (uncached) result.

What should I do to get uncached result from api when I open the page https://mysite.com/index.html after the purge?

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