Purge occured on 29 july

Hello, i checked my accounbt because my website was unreachable, seems like there was a purge action on 29 july which i didn’t do. I’m in trouble because it was a pain to make it work 2 years ago, someone can explain me what i need to restore to get it back? so far i added
||A| ***derosel.com|79.109.94.|Auto|! but it’s not producing expected result. (dns are left like they were before 29 july chad.ns.cloudflare.com and jo.ns.cloudflare.com on hoster).

I’d say you have an incorrect IP address. The first 9 should likely be an 8.

But even if that is correct and you fix it, you’ll still run into redirection issues because your server configuration appears to be misconfigured. I’d strongly recommend to pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right), make sure the site loads fine on HTTPS and without Cloudflare, and only once that works unpause Cloudflare again. In exactly this order.


If you are the only account and you believe the purge was unauthorized, then your account maybe hacked and you need to change your password and enable 2FA (2 factor authentication) immediately!
If there are other people who can access your account, then check the audit log to see who did it, then ask them in person if they did it (remember to cite or show the date and time to them when you tell them) and if they say no, then THEIR ACCOUNT MAYBE HACKED and you should tell them to change their password immediately and enable 2FA! Also (if that is the case), you might want to remove their access!

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