Purge not working

I know lots of people have thought purge isn’t working, only to realize that their origin server wasn’t actually serving updated content. I’ve 100% verified that my origin server is updated, and purge still isn’t working. I have a Cache Everything rule to cache my whole domain, and I’ve been selectively purging just files that are updated. This seemed to work in the past, but today on one specific URL Cloudflare is continuing to serve a cached response from yesterday, no matter how many times I purge the specific URL.

Is Cloudflare’s purge supposed to be reliable? Or is it only best effort? Are there any situations where it is expected to fail?

A correct purge should be reliable. Whats the URL?


Sorry, the auto-linkify didn’t include the ?. Here’s the real link: https://james.darpinian.com/satellites/starlink-tles?

The version without ? shows the up-to-date content. The server returns the same content with or without the ?, but the Cloudflare cached responses are different and purging the cache does not change that. I can see the x-cloud-trace-context: 2e6c944f3e3f280eba078f5e679d1285 header, which I can find in my server logs from yesterday.

That file appears to have been for about 15 hours in the cache. Can you purge the cache now?

OK, I just purged it. I also purged it several times earlier today.

A few minutes after purging, the response is still stale.

I seem to be able to confirm that. I wonder if the blank query string could be the reason.

How does your page rule look like?

I was experiencing the same problem yesterday without the blank query string. I added the blank query string as a hack to defeat the cache. I could keep changing the query string, but a working purge would be better.

My page rule is:
james.darpinian.com/* Browser Cache TTL: 30 minutes, Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: 7 days

Though purging should actually purge it regardless of the page rule.

My advise would be to open a support ticket. Thats possibly a bug with a blank query string.

You did a full purge, right?

I did a purge by URL. Yesterday a full purge didn’t resolve the issue, but I just tried it now and it seems to have cleared the stale response this time. We’ll see if it comes back, I can’t afford to do a full purge every time I update a file. Thanks for your help.

You need to specify the exact URL you want to purge. In this case it needs to contain the question mark.

Yes, of course. I purged the URL both with and without the question mark.

Maybe in case of a blank query string Cloudflare ignores the question mark and treats it as non-query string URL and hence wont purge the actual URL. But this is just speculation and only an engineer could confirm that, probably not even support without talking to them.

Maybe try to avoid blank query strings, but nonetheless clarify this via a support ticket.

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