Purge Individual Files doesn't work

Why can’t I reset the cache of individual pages (Purge Individual Files) through the Wordpress plugin or through your panel on your site? For example, resetting the cache of the https://site.com/ page does not work, the information is displayed old. Although 2-3 days ago everything worked and for a month or more I successfully reset everything. Now only the general reset of the cache (Purge Everything) works. Is this a Cloudflare problem? I have a paid APO connected for a very long time.

Is this a system error? Can anyone report?

Hmm. Anecdotally, trying to purge a .js file doesn’t work for me either (old file is shown even after a day). Switching to Development Mode instantly shows the new version, but turning it off shows the old again.

What will be decided? At least 3 clients already have this problem.

Creo haber notado este problema en algunas ocasiones.

Who will solve the problem? I use a free plan with paid add-ons, what’s the use of them if it doesn’t work as it should.

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