Purge Everything Doesn't Work

I set no query string on caching level and cache everything on page rules. But everytime I click purge everything, it doesn’t work. I have to add url to individual purge with slash (/) to the end of url. How to make purge everything works? So, I don’t have to copy paste so many url to individual purge list.

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no problem,it work well,you purge everything ,just do it

All of my url contain trailing slash. And it doesn’t work if I don’t add trailing slash everytime I purge cache.

How are you determining that cache purge isn’t working?

Everytime I click purge everything, then I refresh my website, it doesn’t work and still cached. But when I click purge cache individualy with trailing slash in the and of url, it works instantly. Without trailing slash in the end of url, it doesn’t work and still cached. I don’t use another cache plugin.

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