Purge Everything doesn't make changes

I have problems with old cache.

I have purged everything (Wordpress W3 Total Cache plugin) but still getting old pages to be served, even in development mode

I have purged everything through plugin and Cloudflare.

PS: It works if I am logged in Wordpress as admin

Please help,

Seeing the last line there makes me think it’s a caching plugin at the WordPress host.

Try looking if there are other caching plugins there. Maybe @sdayman can help a bit more than me!


When you look at the plugins list, also check the “Must-Use” tab there. I had that and found my host had ‘helpfully’ placed their own caching plugin there :joy:


Thank you for reply! I will take a look.

@domjh I can’t find ‘must-use’ tab inside plugins list.

In which case, you probably don’t have any… just look in your normal plugins list. I see it here:


You are right. I do not have it. Thanks!

I do have ‘drop-ins’ however. This is probably w3 Total cache, right?

Could be. You could try disabling W3 and see if it disappears.

I did disable ‘W3 Total Cache’ and ‘Cloudflare’. Some of the pages are refreshed but not all, even in incognito Chrome mode.

When I click ‘empty all cache’ it says: ‘It may take up to 48 hours for the Cloudflare cache to completely rebuild on Cloudflare’s global network’

Could that be the reason?

No, that is the opposite. It says that it takes a while to actually cache content at the edge. Which isn’t exactly correct, it needs to have traffic though.

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@matteo Thank you for the explanation.

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I have disabled Cloudflare for my website. It points to original server now. Old cache is still served for some of the pages. Any other ideas?


In which case, it is not a Cloudflare issue, someone on here may be able to help but you could contact your host for assistance.

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I have the same problem with purge everything. Like I posted before.

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However, if the OP here paused Cloudflare and it still showed cached content then it is not quite the same situation and appears unrelated to the Cloudflare cache.

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Thank you all. I will inspect further.

Hey All.

I have disabled Cloudflare for this site but allow that Cloudflare continues to resolve the DNS. I purged everything again after it was disabled and today old cache is deleted.

I am not sure if this is what resolved my issue.

Thanks again!

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