Purge Everything Can Take A Very Long Time

when i use “purge everything” a popup notice appears saying “please allow 30 seconds…” sometimes it’s pretty accurate, i.e. it takes around 30 secs, other times it’s minutes, and even other times it just doesn’t seem to work at all, changes just don’t display… am i doing something wrong or is this normal behavior with Cloudflare?

I’ve found it happens, and quite quickly. I always check two ways:

  1. With Privacy Mode in a sanitized browser, so there’s no local cache to worry about.
  2. From command line with ‘curl -I’ (capital i) to the URL to check the cf-cache-status header(s)

Is there a URL in particular you’d like us to look at that seems stuck?

thanks for the reply sdayman… can’t really supply the url at the moment because i’ve enabled development mode in order to make changes to my site (also noticed that development mode takes a while to kick in)… anyway there are a few things on my website that get updated at least once a week, and i’m having a tough time getting used to doing this with Cloudflare, something that used to be a simple, quick exercise has become cumbersome, hopefully it’s just a learning curve.

Dev Mode should be instantaneous. You’re hitting a Cloudflare server that knows to immediately stop serving cached content.

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