Purge Everything cache not working with Chrome

I have a domain hosted elsewhere but uses CF nameservers. One of the subdomains has completely new content uploaded every other week. At that time the existing content is completely deleted before the new content is uploaded. However, more and more, we are having an issue with the site still showing the old content. We can clear the cache in the Chrome browser, but it still doesn’t change. I can go into CF and under Caching/Configuration I can click Purge Everything. After an extended period of time – north of 3 hours, I can refresh Chrome and it still shows the old content. Other browsers show the new content. In Chrome, I can use an incognito mode and see the new content. At this point if I clear cache again in Chrome, it will show the new content. We can’t ask all the site visitors to clear the cache every time they visit so what would be the best way to resolve this? The site has a self-signed certificate. Would purchasing a trusted CA certificate help resolve this issue?

Hi there,

Cloudflare is not caching the content of your website:
Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 12.42.45
…or at least not caching the content I briefly checked.

Likely there is some type of caching happening at your origin. You can test this by enabling dev mode under Caching > Configuration:

This will completely disable cache, but your issue will remain, proving the old cache is coming from origin. I would advise you to disable any type of caching plugin you might have there or contact your hosting provider about this issue.

Take care.