Purge caching doubt

Hi everybody :slight_smile:

I need to ask you a things regarding the caching system.

I proxy my domain. I want to know for example if i have to made a change on website i need to purge everytime cache? Or it ok just clear website cache without cloudflare?

I ask because in this way i slow down everything every time.

I know it’s an easy question i search but i don’t understand.

Many thanks from Enrico.

If you made a change to the content of a URL which is cached by Cloudflare, then you’ll have the clear that on Cloudflare as well. Otherwise of course not.

You can find more information on the standard caching at https://developers.cloudflare.com/cache/about/default-cache-behavior.

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There’s a way to select only 1 url at time?

Sure, with a custom purge.

Ok :slight_smile:

thank so much

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