Purge cache wont flush the cached front page

I’ve changed a theme on forlystelsespark.com 6 days ago. When you visit any article you’ll see the new theme but the front page stays the same. The front page changed when I’m logged in as admin (WP).

I don’t have any cache-plugins installed. My cloudflare has been set to both flexible and full but none of them will flush the front page.

Below you can see the new theme on the left side and the old front page on the right one.

Question: can this be cloudflare or is it something else that is wrong? Should I change DNS to the old one and wait for it to go back just to changing it back to cloudflare again (just seems like a lot of troubled work which I’d prefer not too).

At least your main document does not appear to be cached


Exactly. I think that is very strange. Never experienced it before, and have changed themes lots of times and used cloudflare for several years.

Does your server IP address end in 25? If so it would seem your site is not configured for SSL.

FINALLY got it right… so weird… installed wp fastest cache yesterday and cleared the cache but it didn’t work…

Through to myself I had to try it again - was going nuts over this darn fault.

So, I installed WP Fastest Cache and set it up --> cleared cache --> the front page is the right one…

Just wanted to update you :wink:

Doesnt make your site secure however :wink:

hmm okay - just put it through a SSL-checker and it seams like it’s configured for SSL… Do you have any inputs? :smiley:

You checked the certificate on Cloudflare’s proxies, not your own server. The connection to your server is still insecure and unencrypted. You need to configure a certificate and switch to Full strict.

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