Purge Cache with Wildcard

Reffering to: LINK1, LINK2, LINK3, LINK4

The Feature to “the option to purg with wildcars” are highly needed.

For example:

  1. Purging the Cache for just one subdomain:

  2. Purging the Cache for specific folders:

  3. Purging the Cache for specifiy File-Extensions:
    *jp*g (will purge .jpg and .jpeg)

  4. Purging the Cache for PHP Files:

Persons from former thread which requested or may could like this:
@M4rt1n @eldhose @hiyehoc308 @rami.zebian @yibir41785 @liliana.iturribarria
I hope some more will join this Feature Request as I see no reason for why this should not be implemented.

Also if someone from Cloudflare is replying, pls do not just say “its not supported”. We know that, thats why we are requesting this feature.


Surely upvote this feature on every plan. :kissing_heart:


I up-vote too. The closest solution in the meantime is using “Purge by Cache-Tag” but this feature is only available for the Enterprise Plan. A pleasant approach too would be unlocking this feature for Pro Plan and above.


Thats a lot of links there. :smiley: hope they see. Me too upvote…

what i need to achive

check the image


Thanks for linking to my request about purging with wildcards. Atleast cloudflare team should see these POSTS. I would like to purge by directory if it was possible.

yeah also about cacheing php pages and ignoring query strings. I don’t need to use the cache tags at all. :man_shrugging:t4:

mhmm. ignoring strings for php pages seems good, but need careful to implement it.

yeah need to implemented carefully. but it will sure reduce the load on the origin server. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


hope they bring this feature. cache dynamic pages and ignore query strings along. :kissing_heart:

To avoid cache escape on query parameters, you can create a page rule to forward a URL with temporary 302 redirect. For example:



[unless you are using parameters for that page]

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No no, thats not i wanted to redirect users. But to show same cached resource for query parameters same as URL. This is a Product Request. Also Purging the cache by directory is a great thing.

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+1!! Please develop this feature @Cloudflare


Is this available? I would like to purge all HTML pages without purging images, js, etc?

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