Purge Cache - updates not showing

I have done a manual purge on two css files. I verified the urls were correct, and the files are listed as recently purged (yesterday), but I can only see the changes on the site by switching into developer mode. once out of developer mode, it’s showing the previously chached files. is this a timing issue - lke it takes 48 hrs, or am i doing something wrong?

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Can you post the CSS url(s)? Also let us know what to look for in order to know if it’s old or new.

sure thing!

on the home page, the hero image slide show consisted of different sized photos. I updated these css files in order to make the slide show images 100vh - this way the images on a desktop viewport screen should all appear the same size.

Thanks for your help!

Sorry - I meant in the css file… what line of code to look for.

i added:
height: 100vh;

to .rslides img

in the rslides.css file.

What is strange is that if I go to that file per the link I sent you it is the updated version, but when I go to the site in chrome, it is not the updated version. I have emptied cache on chrome as well as emptied cache fro the wp-super cache plugin in the WP admin,

https://www.cinghiale.com/wp-content/themes/cinghiale/assets/css/rslides.css?ver=1.0 is the cached version of the old file. You have to either take off the ?ver or give it a different number.

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